Bonn-Beuel is one of four municipal districts in Bonn and the only one located on the right side of the river Rhine. This popular part of Germany’s former capital has been developing fast and has a lot to offer for its approximately 67,000 inhabitants.

Beuel has a vibrant center with many shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and spots for culture lovers. Some of the cultural hot spots are are Brotfabrik, Tapetenfabrik, Junges Theater Bonn, Halle Bonn and Brückenforum. These institutions offer a wide and diverse variety of plays, exhibitions and art house cinema. Furthermore, the annual Oberkasseler Kulturtage attract viewers from all over Germany and contribute to the cultural diversity in Bonn-Beuel. Another cultural highlight is Karneval in the Rhineland: Bonn-Beuel is especially known for its famous Weiberfastnacht, where women storm the local city hall and take over the city for the duration of Karneval.

A special charm of Bonn-Beuel is its connection to nature. Many popular local recreational areas can quickly be accessed from Beuel. The beloved Rheinaue, the meadow on the banks of the river Rhine, is a local favorite. Lots of people spend their free time after work going on a nice walk along the Rhine, going for a run or just enjoying the peaceful and quiet nature. Other close-by leisure areas are Siegmündung, Ennert or Siebengebirge. The 10.2 km long promenade (Rheinuferpromenade) leads you from Beuel all the way to Königswinter. Biking and hiking enthusiasts can access the Rheinradweg or the famous Rheinsteig from Bonn-Beuel.

Despite a more suburban feel when walking through this district, Bonn-Beuel has an excellent infrastructure, which leaves nothing to be desired. Bonn central station or Münsterplatz, both on the other side of the Rhein, can be reached in no time thanks to the Stadtbahn (city rail). The international airport Cologne-Bonn is only a short train ride away. Every 20 minutes, a train leaves from Beuel to this flight hub. No transit necessary.

Bonn-Beuel is the right place for people who love being close to nature, but do not want to miss out on the comfort of city life. See our currently available apartments in Beuel here or send us a request for an individual offer! There are no additional fees for our service.