Hamburg Winterhude is probably best known for its exclusive living and chic ambience filled with lots of green spaces and direct water access. It is the fifth biggest district in Hamburg located in the North of Hamburg, with around 55,000 inhabitants.

Lots of city villas and an upscale neighborhood can be found along the Außenalster and its affiliated channels. Another famous spot in this area is Mühlenkamp Street, which is a magnet for plenty of posh and exclusive cafes and restaurants. In the 70’s there was a flat-sharing community with several famous German artists (e.g. Udo Lindenberg, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Otto Waalkes) in this Southern part of Winterhude. A bit further North, the green market is perfect for shopping for some fresh and local ingredients every Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Another side of Hamburg-Winterhude is its office city. The so-called City Nord has lots of green space around its office and commercial buildings. Parts of it are under monumental protection since 2013.

In Winterhude’s Jarrestadt, an old neighbourhood originally designed to house workers from nearby factories, dark clinker brick dominates the cityscape. All houses are four to six stories high and have been built in the 1920’s.

For some relaxation, enjoy a stroll in city park: The biggest park in all of Hamburg with about 120 hectares is ideal for tranquil walks and offers picknick spots and sporting amenities. The public park is also home of the planetarium, which is situated in a former water tower and a natural swimming pool. Throughout the summer months, numerous different musical, sportive and cultural events take place in city park.

For lovers of arts and culture, Kampnagel is a must. This cultural institution is situated in the old Nagel & Kaemp factory and now hosts six stages, the Alabama cinema (art house cinema) and nine rehearsal studios. Furthermore, Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus and the Goldbekhaus invite visitors to see their plays.

Due to its diverse nature and the abundance of leisure options, Hamburg-Winterhude is a highly sought-after area. If you are looking for exclusive furnished living in the heart of Hamburg, take a look at our current listings or send us your search criteria via our contact form. We are happy to help you find your perfect temporary home in Winterhude!

Photo: Steffen B. via Unsplash