Located in the South of Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen is a vibrant district of this metropolis. In the biggest and most populated part of Frankfurt you are sure to find everything you need. With its great range of restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, museums and shopping, everybody can find what they are looking for. This mixture makes Sachsenhausen the place to be in Frankfurt.

“The city within the city”, as Sachsenhausen is lovingly called by its inhabitants, is a very popular residential area. In this densely built-up area, turn-of-the-century houses, city mansions as well as modern lifestyle apartment buildings are part of the urban landscape.

In Alt-Sachsenhausen, you can experience traditional German Gemütlichkeit. Try a cold Apfelwein (apple wine) and a plate of Handkäs mit Musik in one of the numerous Apfelwein bars, such as the Fichte Kränzi or Das gemalte Haus. If you are looking for more action, check out Klappergasse in Alt-Sachsenhausen on weekend nights!

One of the main attractions in Sachsenhausen is the so-called Museumsufer. Along this one-kilometer long strip of Frankfurt’s Schaumainkai, you can find many renowned museums, such as the Städel. Not only tourists love coming to this area, but also lots of people living in the city. At the biweekly flea markets you can find everything from antiques to kitsch. The banks of the river Main are a perfect spot to relax after a long day while enjoying the view of Frankfurt’s iconic skyscrapers. The Mainufer is also a good place to exercise and practice some outdoor activities along or even on the river Main.

For some tranquility and greenery away from the busy Mainufer, hop on a bus or train and enjoy a short ride to the Frankfurter Stadtwald. The green lung of Frankfurt forms part of Frankfurt’s green belt around the city. The city forest does not only hold diverse nature and fresh air, but also Frankfurt’s beloved Goetheturm, Germany’s highest accessible wooden structure.
If you are in the mood for some exclusive shopping, take a stroll down Schweizer Straße with its exclusive boutiques as well as up and coming designers.

Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen is ideal for people working at the Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt, „Bürostadt“ (Niederrad), Offenbach or Frankfurt airport, which are on the same side of the river. But through its excellent infrastructure and numerous subway, tram, bus and train stations, locations on the other side of the Main such as the banking district, European Central Bank (EZB) or Ostend can be reached in no time.

Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen has a lot to offer and is waiting for you to explore it in more detail.

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Photo by Paul Fiedler on Unsplash