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Cologne: The most popular Districts and Places to Be

A very special location for your Xmas Party

You are still looking for a unique place to celebrate your Xmas with colleagues? This is our top location: an old half-timbered house and farmyard, you will be welcomed by a cosy fireplace and hot wine punch…read more

New in the City?

Welcome to Cologne – enjoy the “Kölsch” lifestyle and meet the locals!
We would like to be your scout and want to give you some great tips for going out and bring some of the most popular districts of Cologne to your attention.

Joie de vivre is at home in Cologne: open-minded people and lots of galleries, partys, breweries and pubs. Find your new home here – select your favorite and move in!

Belgian Quarter of Cologne: the avant-garde hotspot

Belgian Quarter: Home to artists and creatives as well as entrepreneurs and business people. Here you can find the most interesting artist studios, galleries, boutiques, bars, and delightful restaurants. Apartments in this area are in great demand.

When you have successfully settled in, you should go for a stroll down the streets and discover THE place to be, the locals recommend this spot….…read more

Cologne Rodenkirchen Sundown Tip. Attention: 16th of July Beachparty and Regatta

Rodenkirchen – once a quaint fishing village – has become one of the most popular and pricey neighborhoods in Cologne. It offers excellent shopping, specialty stores, yacht and rowing clubs nearby, as well as extraordinary boathouse and terrace restaurants.

Our special sundown tip for you: End your day at Helmut’s boathouse with a fantastic panoramic view over both the Rhine and the Cologne Dom. And: the later the night, the greater the music on the boat …read more

Cologne Südstadt: Enjoy the “Kölsch” Lifestyle

The St. Severin quarter (Severinsviertel) in Cologne Südstadt is the place to be if you want to fully enjoy the “Kölsch” lifestyle: It boasts a brewery, pubs, galleries, specialty shops and lots of Cologne locals.

An ideal place to go after a long workday followed by a stroll through the Severinsstraße is this Italian Bar and Cucina with fresh menus …
Read more about Cologne Südstadt.

Old Town of Cologne

Downtown living in the Altstadt (Old Town) of Cologne has more to offer than quaint cobblestone side streets and history. Those who live here have everything right around the corner: the carnival, the Old Market square (Alter Markt), breweries and the Rhine promenade.

Pick your favourite apartment here – modern or historical.
Read more about the old Town of Cologne.

The media district: Cologne Ehrenfeld. Plus: 2 fab tips

This hip and happening part of town used to be an industrial and working-class district, home to a large migrant population. Today, artists, entrepreneurs and media professionals have joined their ranks.

Before heading out for a long night on the town, locals like to start with a savory crepe and a Kölsch beer at…