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euhabitat – a portal for attractive accommodation, particularly for
• attractive, individual business apartments
• in sought-after districts and hip areas
• comfortable living at a keen price

How do I find the property I’m looking for in the online selection? Select your preferred property and make an enquiry. The landlord will contact you and you can either view it or book it directly

How long can I rent my chosen property for? This varies, from 1–2 months to several years as a rule. Subsequent extensions are usually possible.

Do I pay fees? No, using this portal is free for the property-seeker.

How do I get the tenancy agreement for my chosen property?
Tell the landlord something about yourself and attach your profile from Facebook (or LinkedIn, XING), for example. Imagine you were going to rent out a flat and think about what you’d be interested in. Do this, and it should all work out in no time at all

You haven’t found the right thing for you? Email us your requirements: We’ll search our accommodation pool for you to find properties that suit you and send them on to you.

Who is supplying the properties? Landlords with flats in a good location with a good layout and specifically equipped for the needs of businessmen and women. Some landlords have several properties possibly in different districts and some just have one property.