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Which tenants use the euhabitat portal?
The portal is designed for businessmen and women and corporate clients from both home and abroad, for example, those working on projects or starting new jobs, academics, consultants, IT workers and engineers. And those taking up their first posts, the young urban professionals, also use our portal.

How do I put my property on the euhabitat portal?
• Register your property with some good photos: Click here
• We will display it after carrying out checks and, if necessary, talking to you
• All enquiries are forwarded directly to you
• You decide who your new tenant will be and draw up the tenancy agreement.

How much does it cost to place my property?
Prices are on the current price list and are quoted per property per

Do you offer any additional services for landlords?
Yes, different service options can be purchased for a fee as required
• Filtering interested parties according to certain criteria incl. credit checks
• Showing prospective tenants around properties
• Property handovers
• Drawing up tenancy agreements